Routledge Melanie Klein in Berlin

In this book Claudia Frank discusses how Melanie Klein began to develop her psychoanalysis of children. in Berlin: Her First Psychoanalyses of Children offers a detailed comparative of both published and un


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Routledge Christianity, Tolerance and Pluralism

This book provides a sustained, critical and theological engagement with arguably most crucial aspect of contemporary society its diversity. The author finds in social theory of Isaiah Berlin a number of fruitful ways to reframe th


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Intellect Image Critique and the Fall of Berlin Wall

Taking the fall of Berlin Wall as a key marker in recent history a period in which increasingly we find ourselves watching 'instant history' unfold live on air book presents a new critical concept of image critique: a double procedure


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Rowohlt E Book Pop

Pop so viel mehr als nur MusikVon Helene Fischer bis zu Sunn O))), von den Waldschraten des Neo Folk zum queeren Antony, vom Männlichkeitskult Hip Hops Minimal Technorausch im Berliner Berghain: Popmusik ist die wi


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Routledge Postcommunist Film Russia, Eastern Europe and World Culture

A post communist condition has arisen from the fall of Berlin Wall and later Soviet Empire: this book looks at how manifested itself globally in production of film. It argues communism is a shared


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Routledge Guiding the Child (Psychology Revivals)

First published in 1930 this book was written under the leadership and inspiration of Alfred Adler. He a group of physicians educators organized 28 child guidance clinics in Vienna, Berlin Munich in years prior to publication. Cond


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EHP Verlag Andreas Kohlhage Fritz Perls in Berlin 1893 1933

Using Fritz Perls as an example, this book recalls the representatives of an urban avant garde culture who were driven out of Europe, emigrated, and for most part found a new homeland in USA. Many an element of lost spirit


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Osprey Publishing Bolt Action: Battleground Europe

Take the fight to enemy with this new theatre book for Bolt Action. From D Day landings to final battle Berlin, volume gives players everything they need to focus their gaming on these campaigns in European Theatre o


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Lexington Books The Fantasy of Globalism

For many, the advent of globalization brought with it an end to way that world had been viewed previous to fall of Berlin Wall. Among endings one most concerns my book is perceived foreclosure of alternati


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Palgrave Macmillan The Fear of Insignificance

This book shows how, after the fall of Berlin Wall in 1989, Gospel of free market became only world religion of universal validity. The belief that value needs to be quantifiable was extended to human beings, whose


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